Frequently  Asked  Questions  About  Rhinoplasty.   Tel: 09 529 5783

How long will I need off work?
For most patients we recommend a two-week break but if you work from home or in an environment where you are not in the public eye you may be able to work after a week or less. It is usually the bruising and plaster that make work impractical.

Will my sense of smell or taste be altered?
It is highly unlikely that your sense of smell or taste will be different, but occasionally patients may notice a difference. If your nose was blocked you may have a better sense of smell after surgery. If you have a job that is dependent on smell or taste, such as wine tasting, then you should think carefully before having surgery.

I just want the tip fixed. Is this possible?
Yes it is possible to alter the tip only. It may be more straightforward and less expensive than a full Rhinoplasty, but it is always best to have a full consultation, since you may be 'under-calling' what is required to get a nice result.

Will there be a lot of bleeding?
After you go to sleep the inside and outside of the nose are injected with local anaesthetic agents and adrenaline to stop the bleeding. There may be a little bleeding after this wears off, but generally not more than a few mls. You may swallow a little blood and vomit it up. Don’t be alarmed, as this is common and not a sign of problems.

How long do I need a plaster for?
There will be a moulded plastic splint for a week, mainly to protect the nose after surgery. Once removed it may still take another three weeks for the bones to heal. You should avoid wearing glasses for about three weeks post-operatively.

Some surgeons do the operation without external scars. Why doesn’t Mr Bartlett do this?
There is much debate between surgeons who perform internal vs “Open” Rhinoplasty. You will find that almost all surgeons of the modern generation prefer the open technique as it allows for much greater control over the result. The trade-off is a scar that is almost invisible.

I broke my nose when I was young but I don’t have any records from ACC. What do I do?
If you had treatment from a doctor or emergency department you will have had your injury registered with ACC. If you phone ACC they will be able to look up your records and find your ACC number.

I have medical insurance. Will this pay for my Rhinoplasty?
In general insurance companies do not pay for cosmetic procedures but if there is a functional component to your operation you can expect them to pay for that part.

Can I have my nose fixed and continue playing rugby/boxing/contact sports?
Although possible it is generally best to wait until you have retired from contact sports before having a Rhinoplasty. If you needed further surgery it may be more difficult the second time.

How old do I need to be before I can have a Rhinoplasty?
Once you have finished growing you can have a Rhinoplasty, however you may not be psychologically or emotionally ready for it at that time. For this reason it is important that a parent is involved in the consultative process for teenagers. Even patients in their early twenties can benefit from bringing a parent to the consultation.

I have broken my nose three times. Is it still possible to fix it?
Yes, a severely broken nose can be fixed, even if it has been fixed before. It is more difficult each time you have surgery and there may be some limitations in outcome. Usually grafts will be needed for severely damaged noses.

My mum had a Rhinoplasty when she was 25 and her nose is short and turned up at the end. I really want to have my nose fixed but don’t want it to look like hers. Is this possible?
Rhinoplasty has changed a lot over the years. We no longer like the over resected “retrousse” noses that were popular in the past so it is unlikely that you will end up with the same nose. Morphing is very useful in this situation.

Will my family/friends/workmates be unhappy with me for having surgery?
Many people are worried about what their friends will say after they have cosmetic surgery. The issue is usually quite the reverse. If you have an ugly nose, your friends will have noticed and probably thought to themselves you should get it fixed. When you do, the response is usually positive. It is also surprising that sometimes people who know you will not know you have had surgery. They know you look better but cant pinpoint why. They may think you have had a holiday or lost weight.

Will the operation hurt?

The operation is not extremely painful as there are long acting anaesthetic agents injected while you are asleep, however you will feel bruised and stuffy post-operatively. Normal tablet medication will be all that is required for pain relief.

I had my nose operated on in Thailand and they mucked it up. I can’t afford to have it fixed. What can I do?

If you had surgery with a registered overseas surgeon than you should be eligible to apply for cover as a treatment injury under ACC. Your general practitioner will be able to lodge the claim. ACC may accept or decline you claim pending on the circumstances and severity of the problem.

If ACC accepts your claim you can have revision surgery paid for by ACC. If not, you will need to save for your treatment. This is why it is best to think very carefully before seeking treatment on a cosmetic surgery holiday.