Perhaps you have never liked the shape of your nose? Or you have had an accident that has altered your nose? Then you may be considering a Rhinoplasty, sometimes colloquially known as a Nose Job.

Mr Glenn Bartlett is a Plastic Surgeon specialising in nose surgery, rhinoplastyRhinoplasty, literally “shaping the nose”, has evolved into a sophisticated surgical procedure requiring technical skill, artistry and attention to detail. There has been a steady improvement in techniques and knowledge over the past twenty years leading to improved results.

Auckland based Mr Glenn Bartlett is a Plastic Surgeon specialising in surgery for the nose (Rhinoplasty). Modern Rhinoplasty is more predictable, more functional and more beautiful than ever before. On this site you can learn about Rhinoplasty, see some examples of surgery and arrange a consultation to discuss your own Rhinoplasty.

There is no single “perfect” nose. Everyone’s face is different and what may suit one type of face may be inappropriate for another. The shape and skin type of the existing nose may also determine what can be achieved with surgery.

Computer  morphing

Designing your new nose is a blend of what you want, what can be achieved with surgery and what is appropriate for your face.

Mr Bartlett uses computer morphing at the time of the consultation to assist in this process, so that you can instantly see how altering your nose can improve your appearance.

A Rhinoplasty consultation is the first step in the journey

rhinoplasty computer morphing

rhinoplasty computer morphing